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Loved the concept and had a great time eheheh Hopefully there will be more soon! Here's a gameplay video I did :)! Don't forget to leave a like if you enjoyed it !

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Nice game. Fun to play and nice to look at.

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I made an article about this game here.


Congrats with winning the Ludum Dare. :) I was playing a lot of the games but didn't stumble onto this one until after voting. Thanks for making a really cute game I can make puns about, hope to see you around for the 35th!


Full game, fun stoooooooof!


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Thundercats! HOOOOOOOO!

80's cartoon references aside, I loved this game. Who knew that you could do so much with just two keys?

The game controlled surprisingly smoothly. Of course, it was more difficult the longer the sword got, but I wouldn't say it got to the point to where it added artificial difficulty whatsoever. It made you think about your next move, especially against certain enemies. Apart from that, the graphics and sound were great.

My only criticism is that this game felt way too short. Granted, it's not surprising considering it's an LD34 entry, but the ending came a bit too abruptly once I got the full hang of it.

Simply put: I want more of this game. Dare I say, I need more of this game! Fantastic showing!

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We wrote about your game on our website, the experience was very enjoyable and our thoughts can be found on this article.

Keep this great work.

Really cute aesthetic, and enjoyably wacky to play. Playing on my Mac, several screen elements weren't visible, but I was still able to beat the game.

(the health bar, the main menu title were both rendering offscreen because of some kind of resolution issue? Even though I tried several different resolutions)


It's definitely more difficult than it looks. Wow! I'll start with what the team did well, and then what could've been improved (made in 72 hours, but customers/players are still your biggest critics).

+Simple yet challenging remains the best way to go. The controls are easy to grasp, making feedback to the player that much easier to convey. Swing sword, kill stuff, move stubby legs, have fun.

-Early on, and for a moment, it's easy to forget how to even move. Fascinating and unique mechanics come at the cost of having to memorize what a button press does. Having the controls on the screen for a few moments longer would have helped.

+The music fits surprisingly well with the game's aesthetic. The sound didn't stand out from the game in any way. Layered soundtracks helped keep the game fresh halfway into the playthrough. The animation is also very clean and simple, and helps get the message across with a nice dose of cuteness. :D

-Wasn't obvious on how to progress from room to room. Moved slowly from room to room due to accidentally swinging the sword across the statues, without knowing that I had done so. Was expecting the next room to generate itself after I killed enough enemies. Having the statue stand out more, like the sword, would have helped make the connection better.

+Enemy variety scales well with the sword. In the context of other games, a player faces new enemies as a way to challenge the player with new skills they've gained. In this case, it's a longer sword. Ranged enemies and fast-moving ones are great additions to get the player to think, "oh. I might actually die here" while feeling like the game is still fair.

Slash Quest has the potential to do really well market-wise, possibly mobile rather than PC. I'd really look forward to playing a legit release of this. Thanks for the suggestion, André, and thanks to Big Green Pillow! :]

Played the game and LOVED it (the controls were really hard for me but it gave me a challenge which I loved =] ).... recorded some gameplay down below!

My Sword is Growing! - Slash Quest


Played the game and thought it was pretty cool even with just the two buttons but I wish there was additional levels.

I recorded some gameplay of it as well!


Super cool idea. I loved the visuals of stage too. addtional level?


This game was one of my favorite that I played for Ludum Dare 34. Running around slicing things heads off with only two buttons was certainly a feat, and the adorable sword faces were icing on the cake.

You can watch my highlights here (Skip in the description if you'd like):


I'd recommend working out a better way to convey the controls, perhaps a HUD display? The intro and Tutorial went by so fast I didn't get time to read them.


It is one of the best ideas I've seen in a video game. Great job!


YES, this is exactly the kind of game that makes me crave an endless mode. Maybe have arenas where you can use the rocks as pinball bumpers to give your guy a little extra spring at the cost of his sword length. Maybe a little negative space area outside the arena where you just run around cutting the grass in a field seeing how big you can grow your sword and practicing tactics. This could be a really awesome game you should totally follow up on it.


This is really neat. I love the idea and style. Any plans to take this further?

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