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Slash Quest is a small game by Big Green Pillow and Mgaia for Ludum Dare #34! Music and SFX by Breakmaster Cylinder.

LD #34 theme: "two button controls" and "growing"

In this game you'll have to manage limited controls and help a courageous little knight swing (and stumble) his evergrowing sword to victory.

Slash Quest is in production as a mobile game, to be released on iOS and Android later this year.

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Published317 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X
AuthorBig Green Pillow
Tagsgame-jam, Ludum Dare 34, slash, sword, Top-Down, unity
Player countSingleplayer


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Please! Make a full game about this awesome concept.


Adorable! Short! Cute! Hard? Nah.


Very fun! But I raged like I was 5 lol

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Your game made an appearance in my series I run Called "INDIE TIME" where I pit two random indie games against each other to see which is the best :D


i watched that episode and i was very impressed! SUBSCRIBED

Aww thank you <3 that means a lot to me!




All the monsters are so cute, and charging around while making my sword bigger *sniggers* never got old. Thanks for the fun, and good luck for your future projects!

good game sure but the controls suck

Hello, I loved playing this game! The characters, especially the sword, are so cute, the art is beautiful, and the sound design is really good :D It was a little harsh at the beginning to control the character, but your 2 buttons gameplay is super effective !

You made a great job, I don't know if there will be more on this, I'll stay informed :)



Took me a while to figure out the controls (off-cam) and to realize I can gain/lose length. Super-cool minimalist controls!

Very excited about the sword character!


Loved the concept and had a great time eheheh Hopefully there will be more soon! Here's a gameplay video I did :)! Don't forget to leave a like if you enjoyed it !


This is cool. Puts me in mind of Penta Tentacle for WiiWare. Cool music too. Well done. =)


Nice game. Fun to play and nice to look at.

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I made an article about this game here. http://indiedevs.xyz/2016/04/27/slash-quest/


Congrats with winning the Ludum Dare. :) I was playing a lot of the games but didn't stumble onto this one until after voting. Thanks for making a really cute game I can make puns about, hope to see you around for the 35th!


Full game, fun stoooooooof!


Hey mate check out my website i promote games for free ,maybe it will not help you with the downloads but i am trying to help indie dev :D


Thundercats! HOOOOOOOO!

80's cartoon references aside, I loved this game. Who knew that you could do so much with just two keys?

The game controlled surprisingly smoothly. Of course, it was more difficult the longer the sword got, but I wouldn't say it got to the point to where it added artificial difficulty whatsoever. It made you think about your next move, especially against certain enemies. Apart from that, the graphics and sound were great.

My only criticism is that this game felt way too short. Granted, it's not surprising considering it's an LD34 entry, but the ending came a bit too abruptly once I got the full hang of it.

Simply put: I want more of this game. Dare I say, I need more of this game! Fantastic showing!

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