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Very clever.  The first move 1. Rc8+ is obvious, but the reply 1. ..Qe8 (instead of the more obvious 1. ..Qf8, which is easily handled with 2. Bxd5+ Kh8 3. Rxf8#)) adds a wrinkle - 2. Rxe8+ Kf8 and now if 3. Bxd5? Kxe8 and black is still up the exchange.  So white instead plays 3. Ra8!! and wins, though arguably better than the puzzle line for black is 3. ..Bxb3 4. Rxa6, though this is still hopeless for black with white's connected passed pawns.

Morar players!!!

This game is amazing would recomend i have it on my other account im going to by it again on this one because i love it KEEP UP THE GRATE WORK!

Can we exchange or game for a steam key of the game ?